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Chameleon won't install, unsure how to proceed with disk partitions

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I was able to boot ML with the Clover USB stick with flags -v npci-0x2000 rd=disk0s2. Now I need to reinstall Chameleon so that I can boot from the hard drive. I tried running the package installer and it didn't work! I get a reboot when it tired to look for a bootloader. The OS X partition is set as active in Windows Disk Management. Here are the contents my DarwinDumper Bootloaders.txt file.



1TB FDisk_partition_scheme MBR boot code detected: boot0md.


DEVICE TYPE NAME SIZE PBR(Stage1) (Bootfile)Stage 2 UEFI BootFile

disk0s1 Windows_NTFS 785 GB WindowsNTFS NTLDR

disk0s2 Windows_NTFS 214 GB Chameleon boot1h


For reference, my hard drive is 1TB, partitioned with a 200GB partition for OS X. In Disk Utility, the OS X partition is named /, and under Devices in Finder the computer is blank where it would normally say "So-and-so's Mac" THis could be due to the different SMBIOS Clover loaded with. (iMac vs. Mac Pro)


Please help and thank you!

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