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Battery not charging after CMOS reset because of a power failure on battery

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Hi there.


I have Mountain Lion on my HP laptop with sleep working (with open/close LID also) . My laptop is on AC + Battery Everyday but at nights ( The battery is 100% ) I close the lid and it goes to sleep and I unplug the AC and let it be on battery for the whole night ( At mornings I get 80% battery which is so far so good ).

However last night I did the same but in the middle of the night the battery had compromised the plan and failed so the laptop ( I guess, because I wasn't awake ) died being on sleep mode.

This morning when i opened the lid expecting it to welcome me warmly I saw it is turned off so I knew something was wrong.

When I tried to turn it on it didn't on battery ( No reaction to the power button ) but It turned on on AC but it didn't even display the HP logo at the very first and so It was broke. I assumed it was the LCD dying but it wasn't. After so many ways ( Hard-reset using power key, trying to boot into OS blindly, ... ) I finally solved it by opening the laptop and forcing a CMOS Reset by removing my BIOS battery and RAMs. So It turned on this time and displayed me a message saying that the CMOS checksum is invalid and so we need to reset the CMOS I preesed OK and it restarted and everything was working fine again however I noticed that I have a problem with my battery. On Windows it says 0% plugged in, charging.. but it won't charge. for 2/3 hours the battery level is the same 0%.

I tried flashing the bios again but it didn't help.


Any ideas about this?

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Yes the laptop has a nVidia GT 230M 1024mb in it with no on-board cards.
That's not what I thought. These were 7xxx/8xxx series chips. Even MacBook Pros suffered from the issue.

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Never heard this before. Good luck to your hack btw. :D

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