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Weird Problems with Speed and Stuttering


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hi @ all :D

actually, my system is quite stable beside some weird things...


1. i am using an amd x2 4200. After some time of working, i experience my system hanging for 1 or 2 seconds, then running normally again for maybe 10 seconds, then again it hangs...

i tried disabling the second core yesterday and it seemed to work, but maybe theres something else? anyone else here knowing about this???


2. i installed photoshop cs2 demo and it runs remarkable slower than on my windows partition! i mean, on windows its fast as hell, on mac it seems worse than on my old g4! By the way my xbench shows 104.2!!!!


3. how can i find out if im running on sse3??? i used 10.4.7 by myzar to install, but i couldnt select any sse related patches - "About this Mac" crashes... maybe sse3 is ok? heard about patching the "about this mac" problem would kill sse3 functionality??? any workarounds????


thanks in advance, i know thats more than one question ;)




4. ok, one more thin :) when opening a document, the file opens, and the animation of the opening process comes after that!?!? whats that??

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