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KernelPanic HP G62

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Hi guys!

I have a hewlett-packard g62 (b99sl) notebook and i want install Mountain Lion on it. I download from appstore the installer, extract InstallerESD and burn it on 8gb dvd. I used a chamelon dvd modded for ML.

So i boot ML install dvd from chamelon but goes into kernel panic (photo). How can i fix this? I attached a txt file whit characteristics of pc


Thanks and excuse me for bad english :)



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do what alexander said


i used the pandora tool. I replaced the original kernel whit the lapic kernel and i used NullCPUPowerManagement+disk & ahci injector+wifi injector patch. When i boot the usb the apple logo appears (photo1) but after few minutes this screen appears (photo2). What i did wrong?



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