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Please help with steps to install MountainLion on HP Elitebook 8570p

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I have a HP Elitebook 8570p laptop. I am new to this process, and I am not knowledgable as you folks. Can you guys please help me with basic steps of installing OSX on this. I am able to install MountainLion 10.8.3 with #####, but I am not able to login directly from harddisk, it gives boot0 error as if it cant find a bootloader. I tried both ##### and Chameleon, but cant boot from harddisk. But I am able to boot with that hard disk if I use ##### from pendrive as bootloader. Please help me.


thanks, in advance

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Thanks A ton for your suggestion, I am now able to get the boot loader to recognize from hard disk. But not able to boot fully with #####. Please help me on how and what kexts to deploy using Chameleon or Clover or #####.



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Thanks again, But my screen resolution is fixed to 1024x768. I have HD4000 graphics on it. I am using GraphicsEnabler=No, because only that setting is working. I tried using the device ids in chimera plist, but no use, screen just turn into blank. PLease help me with this.


I did exactly what they asked to do in the post, but no luck so far.

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