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nVidia 8600 GTS hardware acceleration

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I have OSX 10.8.2 installed and everything seems to be working perfectly. I tried installing Guild Wars 2 and got the following error:


Video Hardware Acceleration Required

Video hardware acceleration is currently disabled due to safe mode operation or a driver error.

Please ensure you have a working OpenGL Hardware Renderer and try again.


I have searched the forums (not just here) and have tried many different drivers but none seem to work.


My computer is as follows:

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard

EVGA nVidia 8600 GTS video card



I also have an XFX nVidia 8800 GTX video card that I have not tried yet.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Before I got your reply I updated to 10.8.3 and it fixed the problem. It also caused my audio to stop working. I eventually fixed this. Oddly enough, the only way I could get it to work initially was to install the OS with the Voodoo kext and then install the ALC885/889a without DSDT. I had to install Voodoo again after updating to 10.8.3, then reboot and install ALC885/889a again and it worked again. I read on other topics about editing something in the kexts to make the version number higher so future Apple updates would not change the drivers. Is there a tutorial or something that would help me with this?

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I decided to wipe and start over using the flash drive method (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/281192-guide-a-fast-and-easy-way-to-install-mountain-lion/) using my purchased copy of OS 10.8. When I create the bootable flash image and try to boot from it, my computer freezes during initial post. Prior to making it bootable, I can boot with the flash drive connected and it boots fine. It's only when I use this bootable method that the flash causes my system to hang. The only way it doesn't hang is if I go in the BIOS and disable "USB storage". But then of course there's no option to boot from USB...

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Try a different flash drive, different USB port, different USB controller settings in your BIOS.


Try making it a bootable DOS disk (or something else) and see if that freezes your PC as well.


I'm thinking it could be a hardware issue..see if there's a BIOS update available for your motherboard.

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Tried all of the above except different flash drive. Only other one I have is 2 GB. It works as a bootable DOS or not bootable at all. Only happens when I make it bootable with the method posted here (but works on another computer). BIOS is at latest version.



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