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HP Nvidia Quadro 400

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today i have change my video card (ati x1300 sapphire) with a hp quadro 400, and my system 10,6,3 recognized very great the graphic card qe/ci enabled, info e rom recognized very well, but when i start itunes video effect or fullscreen youtube video the application crash.... when i resolve this issue i post my solution...




now i have full quadro 400 on 10.6.8!!!!!


i write a guide for this configuration:


asus p5b e8400


now i test the system.....


im very very happy because my concept of hackintosh is a machine to work every day whit pro software... ithink my system is 100% working and stable but....i do a strong test for the nest days and after i write a full detailed guide...

the secret is ghimera 2.0.1 and 32 bit mode boot, in the next days after is all ok i format and repeated my procedure...

my quadro wor working have a dvi to vga converter because dvi to dvi not work (seven pro and hackintosh) i buy this card on ebay...

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