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[solved] p8z77-v Premium - safe mode only - Help

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Hey guys,


So I followed this guide on doing a vanilla install: http://www.insanelym...-for-beginners/


Everything went smooth, other than the fact that I can only boot to desktop using safe mode (-x). In addition to following the guide, I've patched my bios, installed some kexts (FakeSMC.kext, AppleIntelE1000e.kext inside IONetworkingFamily.kext, AppleHDA.kext, and HDAEnabler1.kext for my ALC898) and created an ssdt.aml to allow for Ivy Bridge native sleep support. When booting in normal verbose mode (-v) I get the following output:


Please Help!


UPDATE: I had to use a rollback version AppleACPIPlatform.kext. See post #5 below for kext.

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No.. I have an ssdt, dsdt and those kexts i mentioned above.


Same situation here, and I think it is related.


I installed 10.8.3 on a P8Z77-VPro with Corei7-3770 with the same patched bios using USB key genrated with myHack with a retail 10.8.3 from MAS. Video is Asus GTX650 (also used on an other hack with the same hardware without problem)

Used same DSDT, same SSDT, latest AppleIntelE1000e kext and same FakeSMC kext than an other rig with same mobo, same bios and video/ram.


I can only boot with -x at chameleon start, if I do not use -x I am stuck at the exact same spot than original post.

Tried using debug=0xffff: no problem with FakeSMC.

Tried booting without DSDT and SSDT, same problem.


Tried regenerating kernelcache and extensions kext using terminal, same result.

Tried fixing permission on the disk in an other rig, same result.

Tried using recent FakeSMC (5.1.45 that worked on other rig and 5.1.61 without any plugin), same error.


Tried with GraphicsEnabler No or Yes, EthernetBuilIn No or Yes, PCIRootUID 1 or not, same result.


I'm stucked.

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Ok, I just fixed my issue by using the AppleACPIPlatform.kext rollback.


First backup your original AppleACPIPlatform.kext and then replace it with this one. Worked for me.


Worked for me too. :thumbsup_anim:

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I just upgrade my hackintosh with a P8-Z77-V LX board - ran into the same issue and the patched AppleACPIPlatform.kext worked for me as well - thanks!!

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