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Boot problem and Wake problem. Need help.

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Howdy Folks,


I am having a few small problems that I hope someone can help me to resolve.


PROBLEM 1) I have to always interrupt my boot to set GE=No. If i don't, then I will get the white splash screen with the apple logo, and then freeze on a plain white screen instead of getting the login screen. I do have GraphicsEnabler=No in my boot list. My bios is set to PEG and not IGFX.


I have my hackintosh connected to a TV (via HDMI) instead of a monitor, and have noticed that my 660Ti momentarily stops sending a signal (at the transition from the Apple logo screen). This is evident since the TV display will suddenly show "HDMI1" as though it had lost, and then suddenly found, a signal.


PROBLEM 2) Wake from sleep not working. To be honest, I haven't spent too much time working on this issue yet. I figure that getting Issue #1 looked after first was more important.


I don't know if its worth noting this or not, but I also have my drives set in a Fusion set-up.




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