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Laszlo Lebrun

Automator task to cleanly shutdown a headless OSX?

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Hi all here,


The life of a hackintosher might be hard, especially when working on monitor and EDID issues.

When your jewel boots, but becomes headless due to monitor issues, the current way is to long press the power button. This stops abruptly OSX not seldom leaving the file system in an inconsitent state.


Would one of the experts here be so kind to write something like an automator task that would shutdown OSX gently stopping all apps by default even without a monitor on a given keyboard combination?


I think this would be a huge improvement for all of us, who get suddenly blind due to a monitor issue and save hundreds of hours booting in another instance in order to fix the file system.


1000 thanks in advance.



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Hmm, the numbers answers are not overwhelming...




I have got another solution working for me:

a) release screen sharing.

B) use another Mac or TightVNC on another PC to access the screen.

so i could at least get in touch with my OSX and shut it down cleanly.



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