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This well-known slogan may now apply to Mountain Lion on unsupported systems such as older Macs (2006-2008 era) dropped by Apple or Hackintoshes with dropped graphics chips like GMA950, GMA X3100, nVidia 7300, etc, etc.


The workaround was created by MLForAll and Hackerwayne as detailed here:



It's very different from the kernel-patching methods that existed for Snow Leopard for instance (eg: Nawcom's legacy kernels), but it appears to work, so it's a solution, not to say "the" solution at present. Basically, its reverts to ML DP1 kernel, ML DP1 /S/L/E kexts + Lion graphics kexts and older OpenGL framework in order to boot in 32bit kernel mode -> Lion 32bit graphics kexts can then be loaded!


I'll put a post re: Hackintoshes in the OSx86 Installation section.

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