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geforce 8500 gt - only dvi working

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hi there,

i am new to the forum but have been lurking for a while... i have a nvidia geforce 8500 gt (512mb) graphics card that i cannot seem to get working fully with mountain lion. ideally i would like to run two monitors, one from the vga port and one from the dvi port using a dvi-hdmi adapter. if i run a dvi cable directly to the monitor it works flawlessly (full resolution with qe/ci enabled) but i get nothing if i use the dvi-hdmi adapter and nothing from the vga port.

note: it does work from the vga port and dvi-hdmi adapter when booting, but the screen goes black and i get 'no input' as soon as osx starts.

graphicsenabler is set to yes

no other graphics kexts have been installed

it was a clean install of mountain lion

my dsdt is attached


system specs are as follows:

motherboard: ga-p35-ds3l

processor: intel q6600 core2 quad 2.4ghz

memory: 4gb ddr2 sdram

graphics card: nvidia geforce 8500 gt (512mb)

80gb ide hdd (osx 10.8)


any help would be greatly appreciated :-)


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As far as i remember, back in the days XD,when i had an 8800 gt the only way to make all output ports works was to use efi strings and graphic enabler, dunno if it works the same...

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so i have tried using efi strings and set graphicsenabler=yes but to no avail. i have also tried nvenabler.kext and official nvida drivers for mac as well but cant seem to get it working. i read somewhere that mountain lion does not support the 8500gt but it just seems strange that it works through the dvi port?

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