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Issues after install on Alienware M17x R4 (10.8.2)

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Hello everyone.


I succesfully setup OS X 10.8.2 on my Alienware M17X R4. I had to start with -x flag in order to see my hard disk drives. After installation, I have to boot with -f flag in order to pass the "Still waiting for root" problem.


Now I have some issues with my hardware. I read a lot of topics in these very forums but without succes until now. I have an nVidia GTX680M and the first time I boot up, i hang on black screen even with "EnableGraphics=No". I then remove the nVidia kext from /System/Library/Extension to boot up with succes but with very poor graphics. I then put back the drivers and start with an external monitor and it works OOB (tranparency on top bar and very fancy graphics), but my laptop monitor was still black. Maybe I could solve this with a correct DSDT, but I don't have any clue to make this, that's why I need your help.


For the rest of the hardware, USB 3 work with the kext given here --> http://www.insanelym...40#entry1900893, sound work with voodoo kext but i can't modify master volume :S


I also have problems with my wifi. The card is recognize (Atheros 9380) but no network is found. I'm working on this.


So there is 2 main issues which are graphics and network. The rest seems ok for now.


It will be great if you can give me some clue to make this work. I think dsdt could be the solution.


Thank you in advance.

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instead of using -x that enebles safe mode, try to boot with this flag: npci=0x2000

about the wifi try this kexts, if the first one do not work use the second one, and remember, if u have a switch to enable wifi check if it is set to ON or otherwise your card will be recognized without showing any network...

about the graphic card, i think there is a way to make it work, just a lot of time and debugging... :)

ask to someone that got your card, or try to add dev. propriety to chameleon.org.plist

Have fun ;)


sorry i forgot the attachment, here it is

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Hi. I'm already booting with npci=2000 flag. I try without it but it's the same thing.


I would like to try your kext but it seems that there is no attachment with your post :worried_anim:


I'm investigating dev.propriety in chameleon.org.plist. Thanks for the clue.

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Hi !


Thanks for the files. Unfortunately, the first one did nothing more than the original one did, while the second one can't detect my wifi card at all. :wallbash: I put back the original one until I find a solution.


Nevertheless, I atatch my curent Vanilla DSDT. If someone can have a look to it and help me in me research for graphics and wifi :wink2:


Thank you in advance.


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in that kext there is a plugin folder, with another kext called airportatheros**.kext try to edit the info.plist and manually replace the dev ids

to match with yours


you can use System info to get yours ids and change them in the <string>pci****,**</string>


have fun ;)

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After some tests, my card is still well known but no hotspot can be found. The id of my card are (found from AIDA 64 in Windows):




I also start working on DSDT, but in every tuto that I found, the talk about NVDA somewhere in the dsdt.dsl. I can't find it. I extracted the dsdt both from Windows and Linux in order to avoid Chamelon injection and they look identical, but I can't find the graphics card section.


I also made some test with video output. VGA cable is working fine when I boot plugged. HDMI is not working at startup but when my main screen turn black, if I plug the HDMI cable, the external monitor turn light grey. I don't have display port cable to test for now.


I attach the two files in question if someone can help me find the section where to work.


Thanks a lot !


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