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ati radeon hd 5730 (1002-68c0) solved

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More fresh news ;)

Update 10.8.2 to 10.8.3


Download 10.8.3 update from apple.

Download kext utility v. 2.5.1



Install update and DO NOT REBOOT when finish.

Run kextUtility.

When finish, reboot.

Enjoy 10.8.3


Jehu, please, i need help to edit the clover config.plist to set on it all the video options.




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Hey sorry for taking sooooo long to reply, i did not recieve any notifications of new posts so i now decided to check. When i check i realized somehow ir read that i was not following the post. Very strange. Probably when i signed on on my ipod to make the last post.


ANYWAY back to business

I followed the default config file to get my clover working perfect.

Here's what to do


edit the refit.config file and set timeout to 0. [This is the same as quiet boot for chameleon]

Disabling logging also speeds up the boot process.



# refit.conf

# Configuration file for the rEFIt boot menu



# Set desired screen resolution if enabled

screen_resolution 1600x900


# Timeout in seconds for the main menu screen.

# Commenting the timeout option or setting it to -1

# disables automatic booting (i.e., no timeout).

# Setting it to 0 enables direct boot to default volume.

# timeout 5 - enter menu and wait for 5 sec to boot default Volume

# timeout 0 - boot into default volume without GUI

# timeout -1 - enter GUI without default booting


timeout 0


# Mouse pointer settings:

# Set mousespeed to adjust mouse cursor sensitivity.

# Common values are between 2-8.

# To disable mouse, set mousespeed to 0.

mousespeed 8


dblclick 500


# Disable menu options for increased security. These are intended for a lab

# environment where the administrator doesn't want users to mess with the

# operating system. List the names for the options you want to hide from

# the boot menu. Currently supported:

# shell - remove the EFI shell

# tools - remove all EFI tools (shell and gptsync)

# optical - no booting from optical drives

# external - no booting from external disks or USB flash drives

# internal - no booting from internal disks; this setting is not

# recommended because it locks you out of all operating

# systems installed on the internal hard disks.

# singleuser - remove the submenu options to boot Mac OS X in single-user

# or verbose modes

# hwtest - remove the submenu option to run Apple Hardware Test

# all - all of the above, except for 'internal'


#disable external optical shell singleuser



#theme metal

theme black_green


# Hide volumes. Moved here from config.plist

# Available options:

# hidevolumes osx osxinstall recovery duplicate

# windowsefi opticaluefi internaluefi externaluefi legacy

# grub gentoo redhat ubuntu mint fedora suse

# It is also possible to hide volumes by device path, GUID, or

# any subtring found in device path

# Look into your boot.log to find a string like that:

# hidevolumes HD(1,MBR,0x223EE178,0x1,0x6689F)

# be sure the string is unique

#hidevolumes fedora


# Disable display of text-mode output when in graphics mode. This

# option is unnecessary on Macs, but without this option, UEFI-based

# PCs tend to display text-mode messages relating to boot loader probing

# over the GUI display.




# Enable the use of the log file (for debug purpose)

# This will make boot process much slower, so it should be stay disabled in most cases.

# Log will be outputted to /EFI/misc/

# Make sure /EFI/misc/ directory exists when enabling this.



# List legacy options first. When enabled, legacy BIOS based boot options

# (e.g. Windows, Linux via LILO or GRUB) will be listed first. This is

# intended as a quick fix to change the default boot choice until full

# configurability arrives.







edit Your config.plist file as follows

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">

<plist version="1.0">














































<string>Apple Inc.</string>






<string>Apple Inc.</string>




<string>MacBook Pro</string>








<key>Default Partition</key>









<string>UseKernelCache=Yes busratio=20 darkwake=0 ncpi=0x2000</string>







You should then be able to boot without issues.

Use chameleon wizard to generate a serial number and you can also change the SMBIOS data using chameleon wizard.


The tricky part here is when you install clover on the GPT drive it creates an efi partition and installs clover there so you need to edit the efi partiton files otherwise it wont work.


Try this:

Open terminal and type the following:

1) diskutil list

Look for the identifier for the EFI drive

2) mkdir /Volumes/efi

3) sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/efi


then the efi partition will be mounted and you will see it in computer


Edit the files and you are good to go.

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Can you please upload your archive to replace for mine?

Its so complicated hand edit.


I´m not using GPT, i´m using MBR with Hazard distro.


I´m installed Clover onto my Mac OS partition and boots well like chameleon.


Doing copy and paste your config.plist, give me a black screen. I need the original archive to replace and edit it.


Are you using Hazard?



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Thats the files:





i also put the default config.plist that you can reference later


Hazard is taking forever to download, will let you know


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Thanks a lot.


I got black screen with your data

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First install Clover onto your main HDD.


Open terminal and type the following:


1) diskutil list


Look for the identifier for the EFI drive


2) mkdir /Volumes/efi


3) sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/efi


Go to the HDD that you installed clover and copy all the boot files as well as the efi folder.

Place these files onto the efi partition and replace all data. [/Volumes/efi]

Then you go to /Volumes/efi/EFI/Clover and replace the refit.config file and config.plist file


You have to EDIT the SMBIOS data, change the serial and you can also specify what version of Mac you have, different versions give you a black screen but that one works for me.

Use chameleon wizard to edit the SMBIOS data, generate it the cop and paste into your config.plist file.

Chameleon Wizard.app.zip

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diskutil list



0: FDisk_partition_scheme *750.2 GB disk0

1: Windows_NTFS Windows 52.4 GB disk0s1

2: Linux 52.4 GB disk0s2

3: Linux 52.4 GB disk0s3

4: Linux 52.4 GB disk0s5

5: Linux 52.4 GB disk0s6

6: Linux 52.4 GB disk0s7

7: Linux 52.4 GB disk0s8

8: Linux_Swap 1.0 GB disk0s9

9: Linux 382.1 GB disk0s10



0: FDisk_partition_scheme *640.1 GB disk1

1: Apple_HFS Hazard 50.1 GB disk1s1

2: Apple_HFS Carbon 50.1 GB disk1s2

3: Windows_NTFS Libre-Mac 539.9 GB disk1s3

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OK you do not have an efi partition so install it onto your HDD I assume it would be Hazard.


Then go to Hazard/EFI/Clover/ and put refit.config and config.plist inside there.


Still you have to edit the SMBIOS data using PlistEditor/TextEditor and Chameleon Wizard

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That's why I commented ...


I was not using any dsdt or smbios, and I managed to work everything except the audio.


Smbios file I created it and put it in the root of the partition. I have also used the dsdt that you sent me, along with your files.


I edited your file to match with the smbios data of chameleon.


The result is black screen. In the last attempt, something will be broken, because clover freezes and does not start now.


I will restore the backup.


Apparently we not need any dsdt to work. I've seen that in the beginning of clover there are dsdt editing options, it works even without a dsdt. It also seems that in the latest version of clover, has enabled the function to save the preferences by pressing F2.


  • using UEFI BIOS or own CloverEFI
  • default boot after timeout into previous chosen OS
  • customizable GUI: themes support, own icons, fonts, background image, animated pictures, mouse pointers.
  • F1 - multilingual help, depending on language in config
  • saving preboot.log from GUI by typing F2 and system.log for debug
  • save original (OEM) ACPI tables by pressing F4
  • test DSDT patching with F5
  • save videoBIOS into EFI/misc by pressing F6
  • saving screenshots from GUI typing F10
  • CD/DVD eject by F12 and refresh menu after CD insertion
  • change GUI resolution by PgUp/PgDown
  • save BOOT0000 option to NVRAM (like bcfg in Shell)
  • call to Shell.efi
  • native screen resolution in GUI
  • scroll bar if screen resolution is too low for menu

Right now I'm with the latest version of Mountain Lion with everything working except the audio.

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Ok coolz. Thanks for the information. I downloaded Hazard and will create my bootable USB and will let you know what happened

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