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Transferring files from a Hackintosh to a real Mac

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I've had my fun with my cheap but powerful Hackintosh for the last 3 years. For "fanboyism" reasons, I've decided a few months ago that I'd buy a Mac desktop when I'd get some money, and I decided to buy a 2012 core i7 Mac mini and to turn my hack into a regular dual boot Ubuntu/Windows 7 PC.

So I'm asking here: How do I securely transfer my files from my hackintosh to the Mac I'm about to buy next week? Does restoring from a Time Machine backup in the setup assistant just does the trick?

When I say "securely", I mean, of course, without Chameleon and other system modifications.


Thanks in advance.


P.S: Sorry if I posted on the wrong forum, as I'm talking about OS X itself, I figured out this was the better place.

yup. Transfer from timemachine would work too. Use migration and not restore and it will only migrate your user account, user files and applications and stuff. Best to do this at first boot before making a user account on new machine, or you'll end up with 2 which have to be different names, and....PITA it can become.

If your PC has Firewire the simplest way to do this is connect the two and boot your Mac Mini in target disk mode. Then run the Migration Assistant on the PC.


EDIT lol


Sorry, forget it, I didn't read your post properly, I thought you were transferring stuff from the Mac Mini to a PC running OS X.

Obviously there's no such thing as target disk mode on a PC running OS X.


/crawls back in ice cream pot

OK guys I'm a bit pissed at you (and myself for thinking the same thing). Bought my Mac mini 17 hours ago, transferred my files and apps from my time machine backup over night. The Mac would not restart nor play sounds in my Logitech speakers, or even my Apple EarPods. Both work fine on my MBP. After trying installing on a blank SSD connected via USB (the one I plan on installing in my Mac mini when I get my data doubler from OWC tomorrow) without any other data than the OS and its updates, speakers and reboot worked just fine. I just tried wiping the internal HD, it works just like on the SSD. Now, can anyone help me fix this?


Thanks in advance.

Oh my God how rude am I? Sorry I'm having personal as well as health problems as of now which make me (very) angry in the morning. You can guess it's even worse when something you just got for €800 doesn't work as expected. Feel free to help me as you want. I guess deleting some files and re-installing over so everything is patched would work. Even if not properly done.


Thanks in advance and sorry again.

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