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Nvidia Quadro 4000m (HP Z1 version)

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I've got my HP Z1 w/Q4000m card mostly working. The most nagging issue is getting the internal Display to work 100% of the time after I changed the Display card Device ID in the NVDAStartup.kext. When I do get it working, I appear to get full acceleration and external monitor support as well using the standard 10.8.2 or 10.8.3 drivers.


After several reboots the displays will go black as the driver fails to load. I can get back to the desktop by : -f PCIRootUID=0 GraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x3000 and then need to use an external display. The internal display only works if the boot flag GraphicsEnabler=No is set.


The version of the Quadro 4000m is special for the Z1. There are several different cards available and more coming. It's an excellent machine when it's running. Very fast and excellent speed on the graphics.




10.8.3 (using App Store full installer)

Intel Xeon - (this is critical as many Z1's come with Corei5 or i7 and Intel HD graphics) WIth the Xeon model there is no support for the Intel HD 3000/4000 graphics.


Boot from External USB 2.0 drive (switch it to USB 3.0 after Install drivers)

Audio - needs Voodoo 2.8.2


In order to get the internal display to work, I needed to use PlistEdit Pro to modify the Device ID of the Q4000m card (device id= 0x0e3b) . This will light up both displays , but after a reboot they both go black again. Not sure if it's writing a plist or cache file which is causing the issue.


Here's the change I made in the NVDAStartup.kext







change to Quadro4000m device ID





Again, this will work until a reboots.



Am I modifying the correct kext?

I've search for guides for hacking nvidia kext but most are out of date.

Are there other NVIDIA Kext that I need to modify.



any help would be appreciated.



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