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Creating a Windows setup USB in OS X

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Currently i have only OS X running.

Figured i would install Windows 8 again, so i can use my nVidia card for gaming.


Did a lot of research on creating a Windows installer on USB from OS X, i do not feel like wasting a DVD on though, sorry.


Most fora give the advice to get behind a Windows PC, or do it through a virtual machine. It's to much of a hassle for me, i wish to do it without.

So, i tried the program Unetbootin. All went fine, but when i tried to boot from the USB, i got the error, that the Windows installation is damaged.


I'm booting through UEFI, and moved the /efi/microsoft/boot folder, 1 folder up, to /efi/boot.


Any suggestions?


Thank you.

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That will work, since you do not have the System Reserver partition, which is, as far as i know essential for Windows 8, not the setup though.

But i'm trying to boot the Windows setup using UEFI, the error i got, was that Windows was damaged, the blue screen and such.


I'll try the linux method tomorrow :)

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If you are using UEFI booting, things are very simple.

1. Format your USB-drive to FAT32 using Disk Utility.

2. Copy your Windows 8 DVD/ISO contents to this USB-drive.

3. Reboot and select UEFI:ThisUSBDrive for booting.

That is all. For Windows 7 UEFI setup, that must be some preparations of /efi/boot first, but for Windows 8 they aren't needed anymore.

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Worked for Linux also:


0: GUID_partition_scheme *750.2 GB disk1
1: Microsoft Basic Data 104.9 GB disk1s1
2: Microsoft Reserved 134.2 MB disk1s2
3: Microsoft Basic Data 249.6 MB disk1s3
4: Microsoft Basic Data 15.0 GB disk1s4
5: Microsoft Basic Data 50.0 GB disk1s5
6: Linux Swap 4.0 GB disk1s6
7: Apple_HFS Opslag 575.9 GB disk1s7


Thanks again.

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