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Kext is Needed ATI 6770m 2GB (Laptop version)

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Hello Every one i have HD REDEON 6770M 2GB(Laptop) graphics but couldn't kext yet

i did find it for 6770 the desktop version

i need help for HD REDEON 6770M 2GB(Laptop)

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    • By Dec_Bra1n
      Now it is easy to turn off your ATI / NVIDIA card from bios InsydeH20 which is locked
      This is the original bios which is Locked

      Follow the instructions given below
      1:-Start your Notebook.when your notebook starts Hit the "ESC" key which is
      placed in left corner "press ESC to enter the start-up menu"
      2:-Don't press ESC again , press A + F10, more times if necessary and
      you will probably enter advanced bios with more features !
      Now you can see like this

      3:- Then navigate to Advanced -> Video Configuration ->
      Special Features -> Disabled to turn off ATI /Nvidia card !

      4:- After that navigate to Advanced -> Video Configuration ->
      PCI Express Graphics->ASPM->Disabled
      Peg Workaround-> Disabled

      5:-Save and Exit
      Note:-This special feature does not work on all Notebooks but it works on the bios which are built or
      developed in 2012 with Windows 8 support Others can't get into Advanced bios settings which have
      only support for Windows 7