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[SOLVED]AMD 6XXX GPU, no on board graphics, update to ML?

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So from what I read there is an issue with ML update and the HD 6XXX family of graphics cards. My motherboard does not have any on board video, and I do not have another card to use for the install. So my question is, how detrimental to the install would it be if I did the update with my HD 6870 in place? Would it be able to? Is there a work around to be able to use the card?



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NVM, found the fix :)


Just to make this post worth existing, here's the fix ...


First, if you don't already have it done, you need to show all folders/files, so in the Terminal enter ...


defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES (to hide them again simply enter the same command but with NO instead of YES) then "Force Quit (restart)" Finder.


then navigate to your flash drive that you have your Mountain Lion upgrade on, and find System/Library/Extensions, make a backup of the kext "ATI6000Controller.kext", once you have your backup somewhere safe, delete the one in the folder.


Now start the upgrade as normal, but use "GraphicsEnabler=No" to boot into ML, proceed with install as normal. After the installation is done boot back in to ML with the USB using the "GraphicsEnabler=No" command again, and copy the ATI6000Controller.kext to your desktop and run the kext installer of your choice to get it in your system, reboot. Done.


These instructions were translated from another site, using certain utilities, but the process should be the same. Once I get my installation media squared away I am going to be using this method to confirm it. If someone else has, or tries it let me/us know success or failure. Credit for original instructions - Haysphere

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