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    • By soumaxetuirk
      If you have a working Brightness Slider and you might be using Brightness slider or manual hotkeys to control brightness then this guide may help you to use your Native hotkeys of laptop.
      (All the Credits goes to @RehabMan     For OS-X-ACPI-Debug Kext and DSDT Patches.)
      This step assumes that you are using RehabMan's VoodooPS2Controller
      Install the kext: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-ACPI-Debug Open MaciASL and click on patch.(Add rehab man repo) Apply "Add DSDT Debug Methods" and "Instrument EC Queries" that are under Brightness Fix. Save the DSDT and restart Look in Syslog as you press the key corresponding to brightness to determine which _QXX methods handle the keys (UPDATE: From Sierra Apple changed logging process. So you won't find ACPIdebug result using syslog command. Instead use following command )
      log show --last 5 | grep ACPIDebug 6. Then patch DSDT:
      into method label _Q1D replace_content begin // Brightness Down\n Notify(\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2M, 0x0205)\n Notify(\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2M, 0x0285)\n end; into method label _Q1C replace_content begin // Brightness Up\n Notify(\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2M, 0x0206)\n Notify(\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2M, 0x0286)\n end; Change the variable _Q1D/_Q1C as per the log. 

      7. Try compiling and check if it generates errors
      8. If it does, then change the PS2M to PS2X according to the one found in your DSDT
      9. Save and place the compiled DSDT.
      10. Now you should see that you have your corresponding keys to change your brightness 
       FOR  more detail and Queries,Check Out original Post of @RehabMan Here;
      Get Latest Version of  OS-X-ACPI-Debug kext here:
    • By rlp
      I have a HP450-G4 Laptop with Mojave 10.14.6 / Lilu / Whatevergreen / SSDT-PNLF. I just changed its awful LCD TN panel for an IPS one (AUO B156HAN01.1).
      What happens now is (no software changes, just changing the panel), the monitor is black until I move the brightness slider to its maximum setting. Any other setting generally show a black screen or a weird slow flicker. It worked fine with the TN panel.
      If I enter sleep and resume, brightness works again until the next reboot.
      Things I have tried:
      - Injecting the monitor EDID (AFAIK shouldn't be necessary as it is correctly detected by Clover and IOREG dumps it correctly)
      - Injecting a patched EDID with Apple Product ID using the different tools I found here (a ruby script, a shell script, FixEdid application). Strangely, with most of  the patched EDIDs, computer is then not able to sleep (sleeps but instantly wakes up), and even display colour artifacts during the second stage boot.
      - Adding the generated EDID plist from FixEdid app on AppleBacklight.kext overrides in S/L/E. Same than previous point, either computer does not sleep or artifacts during second stage.
      - Followed guides for AppleBacklightInjector / AppleBacklightFixup disabling WhateverGreen patches for backlight. Not working, not even know if those are related because the PNLF device already exists and the slider is there, and most of them seem outdated now that WhateverGreen does most things by itself.
      - Used WhateverGreeen parameter igfxcflbklt=1 to apply backlight patches for Coffee-Lake. With them, brightness is always 100% regardless of slider. I didn't expect this to work as this is a Kaby Lake laptop, just tried it out of desperation.
      So the problem is, I don't know what is my problem (EDID/DSDT) or what more things to try. I am lost. Any pointers appreciated. Please find attached my EFI folder with SSDT-PNLF, config.plist, etc...
      Thanks in advance
    • By Majed DH
      Hi everyone. 
      I have HP 15-da0xxx series laptop. i got macos mojave installed on it. but I was trying to get my intel graphics working but i couldn't change dmvt preallocation. 
      So I updated the bios (unfortunately). And since then i could not boot any version of clover. 
      I tried two versions that were working and even an installer that worked before is not working:
      I searched alot about the error and found nothing relared to macos or hackintosh..  would it be solved by patching the dsdt? 

      Any suggestions people ?