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Guide 10.5.8 Dell Latitude C640 *work in progress*

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Hi guys and girls


This is a work in progress!! *UPDATE should be done now*


read the full guide before doing anything to your dell latitude c640


Whats needed


Dell Latitude C640 (Mods: 1.5GB Ram, DVD/CD-RW rom drive Broadcom wifi "BCM4318")



Optional - 2.5" Caddy and a working mac/hackintosh with 3 usb ports


reason for this is either "sometimes" the installer packages of chameleon can crash or fail to install for whatever reason so this might be an option <- this is after changing perms* on the extra's folder too


Bios settings before install completely unknown (sorry)


iDeneb 1.6 Lite Edition 10.5.8

booted with (-x -f -F -v)


took a while to boot however i managed, in places it seemed to hang but then randomly it booted with no external screen


Chose kexts:

chameleon v2

smbios resolver <- later removed via windows install

iDeneb Main system

Kernel Qoopz <- later removed via windows install

APCIFix <- later later over written

Apple Decrypt


dsdt patcher

Time Machine fix

Open Halt restart fix

apple ps2 old

about this mac fix

system profiler fix

appletymcedriver fix

appleHDA 10.5.6 <- later removed

Firewire remove

iopciafamily fix

iousbfamily fix

seat belt fix <- later removed/replaced

mouse lag fix

apple azalia audio <- later removed

voodoohda <- later removed

ICHx Fix




system management ALL + voodoo battery


All RTL fixes and then for wifi broadcom fix for me




The install took me aegis, and if i had not every now and then moved or clicked the mouse it appeared to hang or not move so i moved the mouse every once and a while. but when i got the succsessfull image i rebooted and installed XP WITHOUT BOOTING BACK TO THE MAC Partition!!!.


Then got all the drivers for xp etc, and mac drive, Winrar and notepad++ to help with modding tools then i moved the new mach_kernel over and moved these kexts's (see osx86.net link for all files)






AppleACPIPS2NUB.kext - gave me yeller text but still booted tho, also after i removed it, my mouse / trackpad still worked


when you move these files you MUST replace them with something, which is given in the links


and after adding the chameleon by niresh with kernel cache support (r2165) i had to also remove


smbiosresolver.kexts - this tho you can only do when your on your desktop or once you've installed windows and mac drive.


and in extra/modules - this tho you can only do again with windows when your on your desktop aka windows

ACPI Codec.dylib



So 7 kexts that you dont want in there for now and as you removed the firewire 5 firewire kexts as stated i moved them all to the other partition to avoid problems



Bios settings after everything


Page 1 ignore

Page 2 boot from internal hdd then CD dvd rom drive

Page 3 boot post Thorough bot speed 2.20GH'z boot msg enabled Lan enabled dockin disabled docking irq optimized uni connect disabled

Page 5 ignore

Page 4 serial port disabled infared disabled parallel mode disabled USB Legacy Enabled pointing device touchpad primary video system minipci status enabled

Page 6 user choice but i had speedstep enabled and max performance x2 on power an battery

Page 7 ignore

save and exit then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete (otherwise it boots i believe on old settings)


Not possible with out THEO as seen here http://www.insanelym...buffer-headers/


i cannot remember where i got my mach_kernel From


all kexts including mach_kernel and chameleon




Niresh12495-Extra-r2165.mpkg.zip <- install first before the other chameleon


Chameleon-2.2svn-r2187.rar <- rar file windows needed


DMG KP FIX (kext to S.L.E).zip <- seatbelt.kext


extract to S.L.E.zip <- AppleAC97Audio.kext, AppleACPIButtons.kext, AppleACPIEC.kext, AppleACPILPC.kext, AppleACPIPCI.kext, AppleACPIPlatform.kext, AppleAPIC.kext



install_flash_player_10_osx.rar <- helps test wifi sound etc (if your browser is working)


mach_kernel.zip <- from unknown

<- made by unknown


nScript (optional to test sound mpkg installer).zip <- should help test sound


remove and back these up.zip <- AppleACPIPlatform.kext, AppleAPIC.kext, AppleEFIRuntime.kext, SMBIOSResolver.kext, VoodooPower.kext AND FireWire Remove is : IOFireWireAVC.kext, IOFireWireFamily.kext, IOFireWireIP.kext, IOFireWireSBP2.kext, IOFireWireSerialBusProtocolTransport.kext AND from extra/Moduals : ACPICodec.dylib, KernelPatcher.dylib


chosen kext.txt

Edited by Bobert01

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