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How do i check what is preventing sleep by terminal?

It has to be a process, DSDT and kexts are fine, fresh install.


Had this problem before, edited DSDT until i went insane, was the Boom application -_-

Simply forgot how to check it, any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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hi :)



Try this. It might work for you.

  • Go to Utilities in the Applications folder and open the "Terminal" app.
  • Type "pmset -g" without the quotes and hit enter.
  • If "sleep" has 0 next to it and the words "imposed by" ; The number next to the imposed by is the process ID causing the problem. Write that number down.
  • Type "ps -e" and hit enter. This will list all running processes.
  • Find the process imposing on the sleep mode and take appropriate action.


more info here

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Yeah, missed that sorry.

Closed all non default applications, even removed the dvd, i normally don't have any in the drive.


Setting 0 to 1 did not work, do not even know if that would be the right command.

pmset -g assertions gives nothing, perhaps i do need to look in to the dsdt again. Just don't get it, it worked before the new installation, and nothing in the kexts/dsdt has changed since then -_-


Btw, pmset -g assertions, was what i was looking for, thanks for the "push in the right direction" :D


I'll close this topic, question has been answered.


I'm an idiot, perhaps i should delete my kernel cache, damn....

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