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Fez Vrasta

Reboot after Chameleon boot (AMD PC)

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Hi all, I'm trying to install OS X on my assembled AMD PC.

I'm new and I've read forum rules so I hope my topic it's ok.


That's my hardware:


AMD FX-8120 8 Core 3,1Ghz
8GB RAM DDR3 2133Mhz
MoBo Asus M5A87
Radeon HD 6850 2GB ddr5
Unknow lighscribe DVD Reader/Writer SATA
SEGATE Hard disk 1tb 7200 RPM (with few linux partitions [ext4, swap] and a windows partition [ntfs] plus an unallocated space for OSx (about 80gb) 


I've tried this method:



Install Chameleon to DVD

Install iAtkos ML2 to an external USB 2.0 HDD

Boot Chameleon

start iAtkos with verbose mode


My pc suddenly reboots...


I'm not a geek of BIOS settings and I don't know if it can be the problem...

I've attached a screenshot of chameleon's error



Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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your problem is the distro what you use, not have a patched kernel for AMD , better method is USBInstaller Retail, with tis you can delete and add kexts and patched kernel for your hardware, change smbios etc..., the reboot problem can be graphics kexts, bad smbios, AppleIntelCPUPM kext, PCIRoot for your card etc..., make a USBInstaller Retail is more easy for install.

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Check here: http://www.insanelym...md-development/. IFire already told you to do it, but i guess you didn't like you should, since you, quote, "can't find something useful for my problem".


For real-time help with AMD installations, add the chatroom #legacykernel in IRC, server chat.osx86.hu, many of the people who helped develop the current solutions for AMD usually are logged in.


Best regards!

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So I need to make a retail USB and manually add emm.. drivers.. (kexts?) right?


There isn't a method for get an error output for understand exactly what is the problem that make my pc rebooting?

I'll dig again into AMD section, maybe I missed something.

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I'll dig again into AMD section, maybe I missed something.


You really did ;)


Instant reboots are difficult to debug because they usually doesn't output anything. So we had to resort to other methods to learn what was going on. Fortunately, the work was already done for you. If you look at the kernel database topic in the link i sent you, you'll see that there's one specific for FX/Bulldozer CPUs. But you can really use any of the AMD kernels for Mountain Lion, if you just install Clover. Search, in the forum i linked to you, for the keyword "gils83" (without quotes), the user who found out this workaround.


Answer the second quiz, man: that way you'll not be limited to post in the New Users Lounge. :)


Best regards!

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