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[Tutorial] - Hackintosh IR Board (Apple Remote support)

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Would you like your hack to respond to the Apple Remote? Not so hard to do. It would take you 10-20 minutes.


You'll need:




-iMac 24" Aluminium InfraRed Sensor Board (part #820-2151). Might work with other boards; Im not sure the pinout will be the same:




-The connector cable for the board. I used a cable I took from one of the temp sensor on the G5. It has the same tiny connector. If you dont have it you could try soldering the wires directly to the IR board:




-One 4/5 pin terminal plastic case and 4 terminals (to crimp at the end of the wires, for the motherboard's end). You could also trim the original G5 connector to fit on the atx USB header. I would just replace it for the sake of appearances.


Ok, first thing to do is for replace the connector (the big one, at the motherboard's end of the cable) is to take the original out (with the help of a needle). Once is out cut the all the wires by the terminal and peel them off (2 or 3 mm would do). Crimp the new terminals on each wire and with the help of a multimeter (to match the atx USB header pinout) insert each terminal on the casing.




the IR board pinout goes as follow:


Pin 1 - data-

Pin 2 - data+

Pin 3 - 5V

Pin 4 - GND


Pin 1 is the one marked with a 'v' on the circuit board (see the picture above)


And its finished:



I've put a little sticker to tag the 5v (+) and GND (-) signals as if you plug it sidewise you will burn the IR board.


Then put the board in a spot the IR can reach from your Apple Remote to the board's sensor. I guess the best place is near the front of the case, with the sensor facing out:



Plug it to the USB port (very carfully! re-check the wireing! Remember, if the 5v and GND signal are turned around you'll burn the IR board). If everithing is ok you should see it in the System Profiler:





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