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IAtkos post install issue "Resetting IOCatalogue"

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Installed IAtkos ML2 with no flags, on boot up I get "Resetting IoCatalogue". I've tried disabling all of the graphics kexts, also tried installing only the ATI kext.


My PC specs:

Dell Studio 540

Intel Quad q8200

ATI HD 4890

2 HDDS - I use one SATA 160GB ST3160812AS just for the OSX install

Dell Studio 540 Motherboard M017G

On board Graphics (I don't use this!) Intel GMA X4500 HD


The "Resetting IOCatalogue" appears after a few mins. Here is an image of it:



(I would embedd but the image is huge)


I've been reading about and it seems to be something to do with the graphics cards, especially Intel HD onboard graphics. I don't use the onboard card but I do use the ATI HD 4890 card. So I assume I need a boot flag for the ATI card, how can I find out the pci address that I need to point to?.


Previously I've been able to install Iatkos v7 and Iatkos L?(10.7.2), but I need a more recent version as I need Xcode.



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Got it to boot!. I used PCIRootUID=1. Just 2 more problems:

I've installed this http://www.osx86.net/view/3229-qe_ci...on_10.8.2.html

it now recognises my graphics card. But it still seems slow, and the bar isn't translucent. I assume that graphics acceleration isn't on?, how do I turn it on?.

Also I have no sound, what kexts should I use?.


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For Sound, use latest VoodooHDA until you can find a properly patched AppleHDA.kext for your audio codec

For Graphics it seems that these kexts are not properly configured for your card. You may need to patch the driver yourself according to your connector layout. There is a thread in the ATI section. It's specified for 4650 mobility cards, but works for other ATI/AMD models too

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