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HP D330 Hackintosh 10.5

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0Hi there!


I know what you're thinking.


Thats a P4?

You're Right

But by using iATKOS v7 (Leopard 10.5.7), I have gotten it to work!

:soldiers: <--- My sense of achievement :D (with the help of teh interwebz)

But the bad stuff is...

Ethernets not working (Broadcom NetXtreme 5782 GigaBit Ethernet)

Graphics are sh*te (Intel 82865g/NVidia GeForce 440 MX 64 mb :hysterical:)

Sound isn't Working (SoundMax HD Audio)

And many other problems...

So I was wondering if someone could help a n00b to Hackintoshing (I have had a MacBook Air for a while and soon am getting a MacBook Pro)

Please help me find some kexts for my hardware!

Thanks for reading this long and not-to-the-point topic but any help is appreciated :D



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