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First Hackintosh, ready, steady , go ?

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Hello everyone !

So, I need a computer.

I want to use Logic Pro, and I can't afford a Mac Pro, so as most of you, I've ended down the path of building my self a hackintosh. I've done a fair bit a reading here and there, selected part within my budget (£800) and for my purpose.

I'm about to order everything but I'd be quite happy if someone with a bit more experience than could double/triple check the parts to see if I'm not doing anything stupid.

Thanks for your time and here is the list :



Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H

CPU : Intel Core i5 3570K

RAM : 16GB (2x8GB) Vengeance Performance Memory Kit DDR3 1600MHz

SSD : 128GB SanDisk Pulse, 2.5" SSD 7mm Slim SATA III

HD : 1TB WD WD1002FAEX Caviar Black

DVD DRIVE : USB External

Case : Corsair 300R

PSU : 650W Cooler Master GX RS650-ACAAD3-UK

WIFI : WDN 4800


MOUSE : Apple Magic Mouse -

KEYBOARD : Logitech K120 Keyboard Slim









Cheers !


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You have an excellent mobo picked out. From what I have read it is one of the best for OSx86. Everything you have posted is good to go. As the poster above me stated, you don't have a dedicated GFX card listed; are you planning on using onboard graphics?


Lastly, your Philips Head Screwdriver may be incompatible -- especially when attempting to get the batteries out of the chemlights

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Hi, Paul!


For working with audio, the Intel HD4000 integrated with your CPU is more than enough. I can tell you as a fellow audio and multimedia geek. In fact, integrated solutions improved dramatically on Intel side, so it will be enough even for basic video editing and occasional gaming.


In other words: go for it, your setup is excellent (and i regret a lot having gone with the H77 instead of the Z77, so i cannot overclock my "K" series CPU, the same CPU you'll buy).


Best regards!

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Solid. Get the Corsair 200 case because the 300R is hard to work with when you expand. Also a 650 Watt PSU is over kill. Get a Corsair 500 Watt or what ever brand you prefer.

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