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Just some goats

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It's pretty easy to do but it will play at OSX login, not PC boot.


I know it works with .aif files, not sure about other file types:


Could be done a few ways, but here will do Apple Script, this example also came from a Mac Boot Chime. I don't remember where I orig got the Chime sound or the idea from, sorry, but It wasn't my own. Open Apple Script editor and make script:

do shell script "afplay /Path/To/SoundFile.aif"


with /Path/To/SoundFile.aif being...Path to sound file


Choose File>Export and save as Application. Put your new application into your Application folder and in System Preferences>Users add it to Login Items

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Thank you very muchfor the info!


I will use the goat from 0:22 for startup and the one from 1:14 for my alarm to optimize my wakeup routine in the morning. :P

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