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Hi guys - A little pci-e stat help

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I'm running Lion 10.7.5 now on my machine. most of the stuff works except the Vanctec 4+1 pci-e sata internal and external ports.


I've read most of the threads yet i'm still unsure if it's just i have the wrong kexts installed...


I already have 3 hard drives and my dvd burner on the sata ports of the board. But I would love to solve this issue because I want to add anothe 1tb drive to do another raid 0 set and a SSD later on, and also use the external drives that use e-sata. I dont plan tu use the raid card functions so far...


I currently have HDD1 and HDD 2 320 G Raid set HDD3 a 1.5 T.


The PCI-E is model is a UGT1s100R I've put screen shots here that may help you help me

Mobo is a Asuz p5kpl-cm


https://Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 4.21.14 PM.png






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Thanks man,

I've flashed the bios to the latest version for the mobo, hoping I would have ahci commands in there before I upgraded from 10.5.8 to Lion, but as far as I know there are none in it...but I see JMicron jmb 363 AHCI in Sys Report pane . No pci card recognized...well you saw the screen shot. Somwhere on the Asus site I read you can add AHci drivers can under windows...but I have no windows partition installed anywhere? There must be a work around? In the bios the IDE configuration is set to enhanced with enhanced mode support on s-ata....


Anf for this next do i install it in extra or s/l/e. I'm on software raid...in case this means I can't add kext from the Raid OSX Lion bootable Array or I have to insatll it on the separate raid partitions....

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Tried your kext from the bootable unified Raid array, no luck...does not seem like it changed anything...do i have to intall this new next by booting from a usb drive, going into raid 1 partition from there, install with next wizard, repair permissions reboot and do that again on the raid 2 partition for this to work...

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