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G41M VS3 Sleep Mode on monitor

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Hi there peeps. Just installed iatkos ML the other day. Now I have to boot into safe mode because of kernal panics when I boot up. Now, I tracked it down to my DDR 3 Ram. I removed one crucial RAM and left my 4GB corsair RAM in. This removed the KP BUT now, when booting normal (ps. Safe mode works fine), my monitor automatically goes into,power saving mode (some kind of sleep status), and the other way to get out of it is to reboot my tower.


Is this an I ternative issue with iatkos ML or is it a bios problem? Would like some help. Like I said the KP has gone now. But I do have to boot I to safe mode via -x command which lets me boot up fine, all else (Internet etc) works fine.


Please please please can you help me.

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Hi thanks for the reply.


Yes it's g41m vs3 rev 2. As rock.


Just gf 8500 graphics. One 1tb sata harddrive. Sound card built into motherboard, USB mouse and keyboard and optical drive sata.


Ram is just corsair 4gb ddr 3. On its own now.


Intel core duo 2. 2.93ghz according to mac but its a 3.0ghz processor.

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Boot in safe mode.

Go to /System/Library/Extensions/


Backup all the NVDA* and Geforce* kexts, and delete them from the Extensions folder.


Restart with -v -f, and see if it boots in vesa mode. If any text output is displayed, and the boot stops, take a photo and upload it.


I'm off to bed now, see you in the morning.

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To be honest in very new to mac as been using windows for over 20 years. So I'm not confident in messing around with system files that may mean having to reinstall the os or anything.


Basically from the post you just eft, I gather its a graphics card issue. Maybe if I used clover may sort the issue.?

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It could be, it is what i think, and i provided you with a sollution i think is right.

It does not mean i am right, that's what the backups are for. OSX can boot without graphic drivers, don't worry about that.


Was the last post.


Good night.

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Hmm ok thank you ever so much. I will see if I feel like doing it tmrw otherwise ill stick to safe mode for now. I can still use apps and Internet and everything else so it's not a major issue.


Thank you so much for your help. Xx

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