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Intel HD Core i5 First Gen

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It's been a while since I've attempted to hackintosh something. My Dell Mini 10v recently got stolen from my dorm room, so I'm left with my HP laptop with switchable graphics. I've spent many hours reading for solutions and finally figured I'd come here for what will hopefully be a simple answer. My laptop has two graphics cards, an ATI Radeon 5650m, which I understand does not work correctly, and the integrated first-gen Core i5 GMA HD card. My question is this: can I get a fully working (QE/CI/OpenGL) osx86 install with either of these cards or are they just not compatible? If there's a way I'd love to install Mountain Lion on my laptop but if it's a lost cause perhaps I'll start saving for a HoboMac or something. Thanks for reading and for your future replies! :)

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    • By BrandonDude
      WARNING! I have no affiliation with “DiskMaker X”. Use at your own risk!
      Thank You to MaLd0n for all of his help getting me up and running!
      You must have a Mac with a working App Store
      You must have a USB Drive with a size of 8 GB or more
      In the App Store download macOS High Sierra
      Download DiskMaker X and run it
      Setting the OS Install App and the USB Drive
      - You may want to format the drive into 1 partition
      If you encounter any errors, see the DiskMaker X FAQ page
      Download the latest Clover EFI Boot and install it on the same USB Drive
      - With these Settings: (Thanks to MaLd0n for these settings!)

      On the USB Drive, on the “EFI” volume, under the “EFI” folder, replace the “CLOVER” folder with the one in this archive:
      CLOVER Install.zip  (Thanks to MaLd0n for these files!)
      Restart your computer and boot into the USB Drive’s EFI volume
      In Clover select “Boot OS X Install from ” + your USB Drive’s name
      ​The first “install” will copy the installer to your hard drive
      After the first reboot, in Clover, select “Boot macOS Install from ” + your Hard Drive name
      - Note: I had to do this step twice, before the next step was available to me
      After the next reboot, in Clover, select “Boot macOS from “ + your Hard Drive name
      - Note: This will be your normal option going forward
      Now you will have to install Clover on your Hard Drive, so that you don’t have to use your USB drive anymore.
      Download the latest Clover EFI Boot and install it on your Hard Drive
      - With these Settings: (Thanks to MaLd0n for these settings!)

      On the Hard Drive’s “EFI” volume, under the “EFI” folder, replace the “CLOVER” folder with the one in this archive:
      CLOVER Install.zip  (Thanks to MaLd0n for these files!)
      Reboot to this new EIF volume on your Hard Drive
      - Note: This will be your default boot volume
         - You can set your BIOS to boot to it by default
      - In Clover, select “Boot macOS from “ + your Hard Drive name
         - Remember this will be your normal Clover option going forward
      Download and Install Clover Configurator
      Post Installation Manual Fixes
      The Mouse Scroll Wheel is set to the “Apple Touchpad direction”
      - To fix that, go to System Preferences -> Mouse and uncheck Scroll direction: Natural
      Eject button is stuck in the menu bar
      - To remove, hold down Cmd and drag it out of the menu
      Cannot view Hidden Files
      - In Finder hold down CMD + Shift + . (dot)
      ​Home and End keys have weird behavior
      - ​Use this Post to fix that
         - Note: The Folder/File you create need to go in your User’s hidden Library folder
      Known Unresolved Bugs
      Dual Monitor Bug
      - When booting up, 1 of your monitors will get turned off
      - To turn it back on, unplug both monitors, then plug them back in
      Software I Like to Install
      Note: I am not affiliated with any of these apps. I also do not guarantee nor take any responsibility for these apps. (This is really just a list to remind me what apps to install, when I do a clean OS install.) [i thought others might also find it useful.]
      The Unarchiver
      CLOVER Install.zip
    • By soumaxetuirk
      After updating to 10.12.6 I removed fake CPU id and GPU id kexts and replaced ig-platform-id with 0x51960000 also injected intel GFX 0x51968086.
      Tried with IntelGraphics fixup kext. But still getting only 7mb video memory with no graphics acceleration and no brightness control.
      Please help me to fix my clover config.
    • By iK0X
      Hello! I'm trying to install El Capitan on my Lenovo Yoga 300 but I can't even get any bootloader to show up after turning on the computer... I tried Enoch, Chameleon and Clover and neither of them works. My BIOS can't see Enoch USB, but sees Clover. Unfortunately, when I try to boot them I can see nothing... I tried Clover in UEFI only mode, with Legacy mode, but no success. Please help me! My laptop has Intel Celeron N3050 with Intel HD.
    • By robi101012981
      Hello! I have a Acer Aspire VX 15 with a i7-7770hq and Intel HD 630+ nVidia Geforce 1050 TI. I have a big problem: my internal laptop screen doesn't work... I can only make it work the external display...Any solutions? I attached you the IOREG, DSDT and clover folder. 
      files Acer Aspire VX 15.zip
    • By soumaxetuirk
      After my last successful build with Sandybridge,I am starting to build a new one with Kabylake. 
      I managed to avoid CPU Panic by fake CPU iD of 6th gen Skylake.But I am still not able to work on Intel HD graphics with clover.
      I will glad if someone can guide me with Clover Installation.
      Lenovo Idealpad 310
      Intel i5-7200
      Intel HD 620
      Nvidia 920MX