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IOBlockStorageService Kernel Panic

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Finally i've been able to install 10.6.6 on my HP Pavilion DV6! But it's not the most exciting thing in my life that I've thought, so I decided to install ML! I try a my way and if it works I can post a guide.

My problem is that I've got this damned KP oh IOMassStorageClass and the last thing I can see is IOBlockStorageService...So what is the problem!? I'm pretty sure that it will be the kext but I can't find a kext fix for this...I've tried also USBBusFix but nothing...Also I think it can be my drive but I don't think so because it's a kingston data traveler, very used drive! I also change my usb port but nothing, same KP..Can you help me?


I have an HP Pavilion DV6 3104sl

Intel Core i5 460m 2,53 ghz

Intel HD Graphic/AMD mobility radeon 5650

4gb Ram

Toshiba 500gb Hard disk

Atheros 9285 Wi-FI


Now i'm using mach_kernel but in 10.6.6 I used a legacy_kernel...That can be also this the problem?

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