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Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8 HDD

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I got Mac OSX Snow Leopard installed on a second hard drive of my pc. So my first hard drive is a Windows and the Second hard drive is Snow leopard. Both are installed on the pc.


I can select which OS to boot on startup by entering bios.


In windows, I can't view any OSX hard drive even if it is installed, which I believe is normal. But in Mac OSX, I can view windows hard drive like local disc c and d with all programs stored on windows viewable.


Question is, since Snow leopard (secondary hard drive) can readily read my primary hard drive (Windows), is it dangerous if I install programs on my OSX like Xcode? Will they run across to Windows hard drive and make changes in secret during installation or during program use?



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Hate to double post, but I noticed several issues with my hackintosh 10.6.8 on an Asus G73JH gaming laptop:


Everything works pretty well except the following issues.


I ran xcode. It was all good up until I quited the Iphone simulator, fixed some codes, and ran iphone Simulator again. The next time I quit iPhone simulator, my hackintosh went to blue screen and automatically rebooted.


Next, I finished all necessary coding and left my hackintosh alone for like 15minutes or so. When I came back, everything was normal until like 5min later, that is when the screen turned black but the lights and everything was on. The screen was on as well. I figured the computer had some sort of screensaver. But I can't get out of the black screen. I tried clicking and typing, moving the cursor and nothing works.

edit: I tried to go to system preference and disable all sleep feature. Hopefully it works now.

I also can't shut down using the regular shut down from the apple dropdown in the top left corner. The OS shuts down okay but the computer itself doesn't and I have to press and hold the power button to shut it down.Thanks for any answer to this issue.


PS: I also noticed at one point while working with XCode that the hard drive gave a 1 second short scary beep. Wonder what that was even though it did nothing to the system and only occured once.

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