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how to hardwire to headphone output?

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Hi,i have a MB with HDMI input, but in HDMI mode it only plays sound to the internal stereo speaker header.i'd like to hardwire it so that all sound from this header goes out to the headphone socket instead. I've had a go but the sound is very low volume and interference, I think perhaps I've not got the ground wires correct. the motherboard has HD_AUDIO header style pinout. can anyone tell me which pins I should direct where?

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Mind giving some more details? Motherboard manufacturer and model. Audio chipset etc?


Open up terminal and type in the following

ioreg -l > /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Desktop/ioreg.txt


Replace YOURUSERNAME with yours.


Upload the file please.

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I assume you meant HDMI output, not input? What's the behavior like in Windows? Your dealing with apples and oranges.....digital audio/video signal via HDMI and an analog audio signal (possibly mono depending on what "internal speaker header" were talking about)......


Whoa, glad I actually looked at the info link for your board. Fun little project piece BTW. So you DO have HDMI input and output, don't see that every day. Your manual says "2. When HDMI_IN is in use, front panel audio header will be invalid." Since that's the only audio output you have beside the speaker headers, any way you try to make it work, your basically just wiring a 3.5mm plug to an audio header. 3.5mm headphone type plugs use 3 wires, left and right channel share the same negative return (although negative, it is not a ground and should never be grounded). But with this setup, for anything other than capture/recording audio and video from HDMI, you'd be better off splitting out the audio from the source straight to the receiver, headphones, or whatever and bypassing the mobo all together for local playback. Unless I misunderstood your question for a second time, you don't have a hackintosh issue at all, just a hardware limitation for HDMI audio INPUT. Hope that made some sense and at least helps you a bit.

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Yup, it's part 2 of my iHac project, I'll update my blog soon. Decent blog posts are time consuming.


So it's a hackintosh problem only on that its a hackintosh project.


The behaviour under OS X is fine with voodooHDA.


The target is the AIO should be self contained, and not rely on me switching 2-3 I dependant external buttons to make it work. The mitac chassis I use does this fine but that's still under the display blanking cloud I've posted about many times. This ECS board is another chassis.


All this said, I'm really just trying to tap done experience from friendly dudes here, but if you think it's too off-topic then I'll drop the thread without fuss.


The ECS board seems hackintosh friendly, gfx sound all working well.


I suppose I'm trying to get the hd_audio/jack config working more legacy-like and done on a small he circuit so the hdmi input goes from internal to headphone jack just by plugging in. Step 1 is to get workable output. Like I said, I must have the output wrong as the output I get so far is just distant and crackled.


So what do you think? Leave the thread open? Move it? Close it?



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It's OK where it is, but good for others to know too so can better help. You might be able to work some magic setting up a multi output device or an aggregate device in Audio Midi settings. Also be sure a pair of tiny speakers hooked up sounds fine first before looking to do any modding. With all that said, if your using AC97 setting in bios, it should be a pretty straight forward hookup, but your probably not. It's the different sensing properties of the HD Audio that may be a issue, the jacks also maybe closed circuit when no miniplug is inserted giving you a feedback if you try to "share" the same front panel plug. To make it simpler, start by trying to simply add a miniplug and test that, then you can try jumping to the a shared front panel one from there if you have to. I've built line level converters and such from scratch plenty, but I just don't know enough about the how the auto sensing all works on those, but if you can add another plug, should be easy. See:


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