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First Hackintosh build (Hac Pro) compatibility check

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First time building a Hackintosh, is everything here compatible? Comes out to @ $1200 if I pick up the i7 from Microcenter (great deal!)




+ this cooler:



This will be my main PC so I will use it for everything from email/browsing to work (I work from home remoting into my company via Citrix) to minor video editing (home movies of my kids plus my car racing events) as well as streaming movies/shows via Plex (to my other PCs, ATV2, iPad/iPod, etc). Additionally I would like to make it a DVR as I am ditching cable (hence the streaming needs) and will hook up my OTA antenna via EyeTV USB HD TV Tuner. Finally I will do some gaming on it.



I haven't built a PC in like 20+ years but I am familiar with the process and I have been modifying my PCs throughout that time period.


Additionally I will have a 16gb USB flash drive and anti-static wrist guard. I already have monitors and keyboard/mouse/trackpad and a Drobo. As for the OS, I have a Mac Mini and I have upgraded it to Mountain Lion and I have the dmg for it by following these steps:





I currently don't use Thunderbolt but figured it was worth doing a TB mobo to begin with so I can add TB items as time goes on



thanks in advance for your advice!

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