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help on gf8500 gt dvi to hdmi port

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im running os x 10.8.2 and win7x64 on my build,


mb MSI G41m-P26

cpu c2d 8200

ram 4 gb ddr3

hdd seagate 1tb

gpu gf8500gt gigabyte 512mb 128 bit


gpu has 1 vga and 1 dvi port and working ok on 2 monitors, but when

i connect it with dvi to hdmi conector to hdmi port on my monitor it freezes

and if i restart it like that its a black screen,

can anyone help me to enable it to work with dvi2hdmi

(dvi2hdmi works great on win7)


any help would be appreciated


and i forgot to mention that dvi port is working under mac os when i use it with dvi 2 vga adapter

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