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Inspiron N5110 i7 installation error at "installing OS X"

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Hello all,

I have a Dell inspiron N5110 with the following specs:


Intel Core i7 2630QM 2000Mhz

4gb DDR3 1333Mhz

120 Gb hardisk SSD Samsung 840

NVIDIA GeForce GT525 1024Mb

Intel Integrated Graphics 3000


I'm trying to book from ##### CD, change the DVD with SL (retail, bought it a couple of days ago), and with GraphicsEnabler=no -v -x I manage to start the install procedure.

I formatted the HDD, single partition Journaled, and start the installer.

However, after around 10-15 mins and when the installing progress bar is around 1/4 complete, I get a failed error.



I have tried multiple times, and all times I fail at this point. I have also tried with a retail dvd from a friend of mine, and also tried with a downloaded version, all 3 of which were failing at the same place.

I have found this DSDT that MaLDon posted here: http://www.insanelym...0-sandy-bridge/ the guy who asked for it has the same laptop as I do. He doesn't say what wifi card he has, I know that mine is the Atheros one, which is supported.


However, from what I know, this should be used AFTER I manage to install SL, right?

Thing is, how can I even reach the point of completing install?



Through various searches I have found some kexts for my laptop (for example here http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=1825, although my laptop is model number N5110-8303).


Should I copy the kexts I found somewhere inside the .RAW file of SL? The friend who lended me his disk said he can extract his SL so we can add things, and then write it on a DL DVD, so this should not be an issue. If thats the case, please tell me what I need to copy, for example should I include the kexts AND the DSDT? And in which folder?



Please help, the only thing I want is just to have the working OSX, no need for dual boot etc, so hopefully my installation should be quite straightforward. But its not! :D



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