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[Announcement] One more thing...

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Dear Patrons of Insanelymac,


My name is WhatTheTech, and I am the author of the Ultimate G5 Resource Page that many of you have used over the past year or so to help you mod your Powermac G5. It was originally a thread on Tonymac, and was then moved to WhatTheTech.info, where it has garnered quite a bit of attention over the past few months (the original thread was mentioned in an article on Lifehacker.com).


On Friday (fingers crossed we launch in time), it will be moved again.




I have been working with a few of the dedicated G5 modders in this community and others, to put together a one-stop website for people looking to mod the Powermac G5 (and other Apple hardwares). The website will of course have the Ultimate G5 Resource Page, the G5 Beginner's FAQ, as well as the Front Panel Informational Page and several others that are in the works as we speak. We also will have a "Submit Your Mod" area where you can show off your mod. Unlike these forums, which are excellent for discussion-based worklogs and mods, this is simply going to be a centralized collection of already-finished G5 mods to inspire and possibly instruct. Each mod gallery has the ability to have a link to the original thread, so we also hope to send some people towards InsanelyMac too (believe it or not, there are people who have no idea what a hackintosh is, but still want to mod a G5!!!)


From our launch date, we will have a store where you can find custom-made parts for your G5 mod, built by people in the G5 community. Hopefully in a week or so, I will have enough stock to open the stock-parts store, offering G5 cases and internal parts cheaper than anywhere else on the web! I already have some G5 cases looking for new homes at a VERY reasonable price.


We are not looking to take away users from Insanelymac or any other website, this community means to much to all of us for that. We are simply looking to provide easily-accessed information for people on the G5-modding journey! We do not run ads, and people selling through our website do not pay fees. We are simply in this for the love of modding. Any profits from the store will go right back in to purchasing more stock to pass on at killer prices, as well as to cover hosting fees.


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or send me an email at contact@g5modders.com - I will be more than happy to answer any that you might have. We really would love for you to stop on by - submit your mod, take a look at the new articles that will be going up, and make sure to check out our "Thank You" page where you will see some familiar names!


Thank you all for your support so far and don't forget....MOD ON!


Note: I asked for and received permission to post this thread!

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Just putting the finishing touches - should be ready to go in a few hours. I'm bumping the thread to say that we have an exciting new product launch from The Laser Hive as a world exclusive!! Seriously, I had already ordered one from him before I finished reading the details of his email...

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Woohoo!! We are live:




I would love for you to stop by and take a look! Of course, if you're modding a G5 the resource page is up and has been updated. If you've already completed your mod I would LOVE for you to add it to our gallery!!! Thanks for all of the support and well-wishes thus far!

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So tell me how the usb 3.0 front panel works. How does it fit into the case?


Ira - that would be a question for TheLaserHive - I believe he will be making two types, each with their own method of installation. I do know that the USB and audio will plug in to your motherboard, and the panel will allow you to keep the front power and LED (like in the thread where I mentioned hooking those up by themselves). I'm sure he will be happy to answer all of your questions!

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