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Enabling sleep on GA-P35-DS3P

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Hello everyone,

I recently updated my 10.7 system to 10.7.5 willing to clean it from "aggressive" kexts and to have a fully working sleep.


I've worked on the DSDT to make the USB/FW ports internal using the IDs from ICH10 and it works, i've added SMbus patches found on the internet, patch to powerbutton to have the shutdown menu displayed when I press the power button, however the behaviour on sleep request is very poor, I can see disks, usb and monitor going to sleep however the system remains on, the fans are on and I have no way to resume it, only way is to reboot.


I'm attaching some info you may need to help me, ioreg output, lspci output, kexts in sle, kextstat output, dsdt, chameleon plist, smbios plist.



mobo info.zip

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I don't think spoofing ICH10 is good idea


Actually, maybe right for USB part.


To apply all that and more like HDEF, DTGP at end, remove IRQs, etc, just use autopatch from Olaria on clean DSDT.

GA P35-DS3P.txt.zip

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I've extracted a clean DSDT with ioreg from console, from my installer partition, since my main system cannot boot without a dsdt neither in single user mode (still waiting for root device) and I've applied the patch you gave me, it applied fine without rejects, attached you can see the dsdt that it generated, usb ports are seen as integrated, lpc and smbus are in their places, however I'm still getting the dead system problem on stop, usb/disks/monitor off, fans on and i have to force shutdown keeping power button pressed or reset.


Maybe the problem is caused by something else ? parameters in the chameleon plist ? lacks of kexts ?


Thank you,



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