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Hello guys,


I thought that my HD6770 would work fine on lion when the correct kext where installed.

But it doesn't. When booting with GE=Yes, is stuck at some apple.core.services.authentication time out. (or something like that.)

After reading a lot on the internet, if i want my card to work with lion, i need to flash it to an HD5770.

Which is risky, and since i use it in windows for gaming, i dont want to downgrade my card.

Ive also added the device ID of my card to the info.plist from the needed kexts, but no difference.


Then i found this post:



there's a way to have HD 6770 recognized on Lion but not without sweating !

you need to compil chameleon ( i let you search ) with this file : branches/Chimera/i386/libsaio/ati.c - Chameleon Svn Source Tree - Chameleon open source boot loader project.

Up to you !




I would love to do this, but how?! can anybody explain this?

Or maybe even do this for me?




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