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XFX ATI HD 4670 - Works... kinda..

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Hello, I have just built a HackPro, and I noticed I had a couple of 4670 graphics cards I wasn't using so I thought I would go ahead and use those instead of the on board HD 4000 (GB Z77-UP5-TH MoBo).


Now after playing around with different setups, I found out that I can run dual monitors with these cards by using the first DVI port on each card. When I boot into OS X 10.8.2 one monitor will be working but not the other, although it appears to be on, just with a black screen. By accident I found out if I push the sleep button on my tower, wait for it to sleep, then turn it back on, both monitors work flawlessly full res!


I'm not sure as to what is happening during sleep/wake that is making this work. I wondered if anyone out there might now how I could fix this so I don't have to sleep then wake every time I start my computer up.


Thanks in advance for your help! It's greatly appreciated!!

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how did you fix to work with one display? Also...it have buggy acceleration....for example......I have all spported, but my Apple DVD pLayer App and MS powerpoint animation dont works!!!!

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