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Ivy Bridge Install Help Needed

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Ok since I hate when people dont give you full details but want help so i'll give as much info as I can.


My System Bios Set to recommend settings for Mac OS X.


CPU Motherboard Graphics RAM Intel Core i5 3570K OCed @ 4.5ghz Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Zotac GeForce GTX 570 Corsair Vengeance DDR3 @1600mhz Hard Drive Hard Drive Optical Drive Cooling Hitachi HD725050GLA 1TB Hitachi HD721010SLA 500GB Liteon iHas324 Thermaltake Water Performer 2.0 OS Monitor Keyboard Power Dual Boot Ubuntu 12.10 & Windows 7 Dell P.O.S. lol HP P.O.S. lol Thermaltake TR2 600W 2x12V rails 48amps Case Mouse Mouse Pad Audio Cooler Master HAF 912 Logitech M310 Memorex P.O.S.

OnBoard VIA VT2021 codec


Ok as for my problem. I have an "authenic" untouch Lion 10.7.11 DVD and 2 i@tk0s discs. 1 is 10.8.2 and the other is 10.7.4 and none of them will boot. it gets to where it loads extensions.kext then I guess the kernel panics and cpu halts but i cant see because its just a black screen. if i can somehow get a display like I did once to see the kernal panic i will post the image.


If You guys here cant help me then I give up because I know no one knows more about this stuff then the people here

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The First image is what i'm getting with the overclocking on and with bootline of -v graphicsenabler=yes npci 0x2000 as i have just booted back to windows and saw your reply. this is with iB00T ivy bridge boot cd to get the mac os x lion disc to boot.


This is the kernel panic i get from using -v -x -f with all overclocking disabled and here are pics of my bios settings. bare with me as I'm ordering my new monitor tomorrow.





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try to boot mountain lion , that have native support for u cpu, is u best chance to install mac os x


use a legacy cd , the best way is to use a usb image in a pen...


-f -v GraphicsEnabler=No


good hack

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is there any other option as I do not have any DVD DL discs nor a 8gb flash drive at the moment either. is it possible to get this running on Lion then update to ML? I've seen lots of people on here and tonymac get snow leopard and up running on ivy bridge

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Not sure what your HDD config is but you can create the installer on a HDD partition (its often a good idea to have this anyway).

What I'd suggest:

Partition your drive for ML with a small (~10GB) partition for the installer and the rest for ML.


Use the guide in my sig to create the installer on the install partition then install to the ML partition. Vanilla installs are a far better way to go than distro.


There is a kernel to allow older versions of OS X to work with your CPU but this is just making unnecessary work for you.

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