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Guest jaceleon

Using 10.4 AppleIntel*.kext on 10.5, possible?

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Guest jaceleon

Hi! This is my first post, and I don't want to be quite naggy, but I'm a bit desperate....


Is it possible for me to use AppleIntel830.kext from 10.4 (for an Intel 82852 Integrated video card) so that I could view videos on VLC?


Also, on a sidenote, I would love to know how to upgrade this to S3 V2 if the installer says that


"Your OS X" can't be used because it doesn't use the GUID Partitioning Table Scheme


I tried doing its request of using the disk utility and the result is that I have to reinstall Windows XP and Linux all over due the data I just lost in the process! Silly me, and worse, XP installer can't recognize my GPT-formatted disk, it only sees it as a single hard disk partition (even though I used GParted to make 3 partitions, 1 NTFS, 1 EXT4 and 1 HFS+)....


Trying the 10.6 would be nice, but if my system is only compatible with 10.5, then so be it. After all, I love it just as it is (though back on topic, I wanted to make my Intel Video card usable).


Thanks to anyone who'll reply.... :)

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I, actually, have wondered the same thing. I have an old Toshiba Satellite M30X with Intel 855GM that will run SL without QE/CI. If the posts I've heard are true about 10.4.1 supporting that GPU, I think QE/CI on that machine would be awesome! :angel_not:


EDIT: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/3728-intel-855-gme-graphics-problem/ (not that you want 10.4, but there's always hope...)

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Guest jaceleon

Based on an old forum here, someone have already managed to modify an AppleIntel830.kext along with its AppleIntel*.bundle file from Tiger to iAtkos 10.5.5. But when I check for the download link of the modified kexts and .bundle files, the maker seemed to have "deactivated" or have been way too much not logging on the site, so his account together with his files became deactivated. So much for bad luck....


How I wish I have gotten those files back in 2005.....


Here is the link, if someone managed to keep those "modified kexts", I hope someone re-up them... but for now, have these 10.4 kexts




Thanks U.C.


Now I wondered whether these are already modified or the original 10.4.1 kexts...


as for the old not working link for the "modified kexts", it is


http://bertwill.home.xs4all.nl/osx86/kext.zip (will lead you to a 404)

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