Hello again,   thanks to the well documented DSDT from @tluck, I pasted all mods to the new DSDT. Finally I compared the two files and some questions raised up: the new file contains \, e.g. Scope (\_SB), the same line in tlucks file is without \ (e.g. Scope (_SB)), any problem with this? is a mix of zero & 0x00 and one & 0x01 (e.g. Store (One, H8DR)  vs. Store (0x01, \OSIF)) ok? what about this difference: Store (\SRE1, \_SB.PCI0.EXP1.RID) vs. Store (SRE1, ^PCI0.EXP1.RID)? the sections  Device (URTH) below Device (EH02) looks different…   Enclosed the DSDT 1.52 with the patches from tluck.   Hope you guys have some answers…     Small update: - it looks like everything is working as expected.     Regards SnuK DSDT.dsl