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Sync iTunes on a dual-boot system with iTLibSync

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As an effort to optimize my dual-boot build of Windows 7 and OSX Mountain Lion, I've created a helper program that can be run on the OSX side to sync an iTunes library. I've tested it on OSX 10.8.2 and OSX 10.7.5 using both iTunes 10 and iTunes 11.


The app works by comparing the XML files generated by iTunes to determine which songs are new/missing from the OSX library. First you need to select the "primary" library to read from, which would be your Windows iTunes library. The file you need to browse for is the .XML file in the iTunes folder (which is usually located in the "My Music" folder on your drive). It will read the library and display how many songs are in this library. Next you need to pick the secondary library, which is the library on your OSX machine (the local machine where you're running the program from). Again, this file is located in the "iTunes" folder which is in the "Music" directory under your user folder.


Once both libraries are selected, you can press the "sync" button to compare the libraries. The program will then display you a message notifying you if any songs need to be added or removed (if no songs need updated, you will also be notified that no changes are being made). You have one more chance to confirm these changes. If you hit "yes," it will open iTunes (if it isn't already opened) and run an Applescript command to make changes to the library.


Again, I've only had the chance to test it on my 2 personal hackintoshes that are dual booting OSX and Windows. Since this is my first release and I've only had 2 computers to test it on, there is a chance that this program could screw up your iTunes library (however, this program has no authority to actually delete files, so you don't have to worry about that). USE THIS PROGRAM AT YOUR OWN RISK! However, if you're willing to test out the program and help out with syncing your libraries, give it a shot! Post back with feedback and bugs and let me know what you think icon_e_smile.gif


Download iTLibSync v1.00 here:


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