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Chameleon USB OSX Install, made from Linux (need help!)

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Hi Everybody!


I've got a teensy issue and could use some advice (please and thank you).


So, on my Linux box I can set up a GPT table, partition one (or two) HFS partitions, transfer the OSX files (sans bootcamp, et al) and then put the Chameleon boot files on the whole thing.


This works, to a point. Chameleon boots (via the USB drive, woot!), but only shows me the hard-drive paritions on the PC which I've booted as selectable options.


How do I get it to show the OSX-installer disc data? I'm sure it's some small, easy, silly thing which I'll kick myself for having missed...


Any help appreciated.


Using Chameleon 2.0, and OSX 10.6.3, and an 8GB LaCie ItsAKey USB drive.


Thanks in advance.

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Alright the best thing you can do is burn MODCD to an dvd then use the [DD if=/ of=/] command to burn the iso retail image of Snow Leopard to an usb heres an example.


sudo dd if=/Desktop/ISO/SnowLeopard_RETAIL.iso of=/dev/sdg


Then bootup using the MODCD and run your the usb where you dd'd your image to.


Dont forget to format the USB to an MBR(Master Boot Record)


I hope this works for you.


Some useful boot flags for 32bit users(arch=i386 maxmem=Your ram memory cpus=Amount of processor cores you own)

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