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I knowww :)


This is just an Athlon II X2 not phenom, so no L3 memory, even if core are nearly the same ( not rly, deneb > regor. 2 years between those ) I will have low score.

That's why I have low result ( low cost CPU = low result )


It was just a try to see influence of OC on geek-bench :)


Perform near 30% better so not bad. It is 100% stable so fully usable 24/24, 7/7

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CPU FX 6300 low cost ( 95 €)   :)













Vcore=1,50 v / ratio x20=4000 Mhz/ ratio CPB x22.5=4500 Mhz  





the temperature value is right but not the voltage, the CPU idle is still amazing malgrès it is overclocked, the ambient room temperature is 20 ° C and the stock cooler is


PS :  no comment ;) 








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Hum not bad, mine is not a 95 euro CPU but 40 euro XDDD


I might buy the FX 6300 in january I think It would be rly better than mine :3


Also : multiplier is statik on mine so OC is a little harder

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je voulais dire que low cost CPU ne veut pas dire forcément low result :)


I meant low cost CPU does not necessarily mean low result :)

I was working at mac donald's when I build my computer, earn 500 euros / month, so 100 was a lot for me XD

but I agree FX6300 look like good.


And since phenom x6 are not sold anymore FX6300 should be the best I can get for that price


1.50V as Vcore ? you will damage your CPU ..

I'm in 32 ° C with OC +23% and 1.4V as Vcore. Ambient room temperature is 20 ° C.


With VCore 1.45V I can easily run à 4Ghz I think but since max Vcore is "theoricaly" 1.4V I will not outside the limit


Je comprend ne t'en fais pas Gil's :)

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look :)








Vcore at 1,50 is safe , it's not red :)



Vcore NB  ?? (chipset Nord) ATI 760/780 is frequency stock 





CPU at frequency stock 





now , the CPU at frequency stock (3,5/4,1) = 94 W and CPU at 4.0/4,5 = 131 W !!!  



overclock is just for testing but the motherboard GA-78LMT S2P CPU supports only 95 W max, to solve this problem and especially avoid breakdowns of Mosfet, I added two small radiators for cooling, but to benefit from the economy even overclock, I kept C1E and C6 support for benefit frequency variations, ie the CPU runs at 1.4 in idle mode and 4.0 at work + turbo 4.5.

hence the very low temperature even at rest overcloker in short FX 6300, I made a FX 6350 for € 95   :yes:  

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Verry nice Geekbench scores, carlo:D:huh::huh:

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K10 and Bulldozer may not have the highest IPC or single core performance, but for apps that take advantage of multiple cores and threads AMD accelerates in!

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