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Asus G72GX - Mountain Lion - Lidsleep

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I've managed to install ML 10.8.2 on this machine. I've gotten onboard gigabit, wifi, sound, webcam, touchpad, and keyboard working. I've not tested the DVD, but I'm going to just assume it works at this point. The problems/issues I have all seem to be related to power managment, but, without a bit of advice, I'm not sure how to proceed.


Startup/Shutdown work fine, no boot switches or anything needed. The machine will not sleep if I put it to sleep via apple menu, lidsleep (close the laptop - automatic sleep) wont work. I close the lid, and peering between the lid and the keyboard, I still see the backlight keyboard on, and the system dosent sleep. When I try to sleep via apple menu, it shuts down, the display turns off, however, the system stays "on" and has to be hard rebbooted.


Possibly related - The battery icon works, and shows the battery charge level -- however, when I unplug from AC, or, if I booted unplugged, plug the laptop in, the battery stil indicates that its in the same state it was at boot (Ie, if i booted plugged in, it still shows "On ac power" even though the battery % drops, or if I boot on battery, it never shows its on AC).


I've done some google searches, but haven't had any hits (It could be that this is my first hackintosh in a few years, and I've just gotten rusty with my google-fu!!)


Anyhow, machine specs:


Asus G72Gx (the Best buy model)

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53ghz

6 gigs DDR2

80 gig intel SSD (Windows 7 boot drive)

500 gig 5400 Sata - 200 for windows /rest for osx

Geforce 260M / 1Gig Discreet video

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Update. Removed nullcpupower, which was hidden in /extras/extensions. Sleep works by apple menu. Going to try lidsleep and see if it works.

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