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ML UEFI Installation Questions


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I'm not by any means new to hackintoshing, as I've been doing it since the early 10.4 days.


Anyway, I switched my machine to UEFI a few months ago to better boot Windows 8. I'd like to hackintosh again (probably using iATKOS ML2), but what I'm completely lost about is how to go about getting it even booted up. As far as I know, iATKOS ML2 doesn't even come with a boot loader. Booting from the USB drive results in an "insert boot media blabla" error. My UEFI BIOS doesn't detect anything UEFI related from the USB drive, so perhaps I should install Clover to it? My issue with it is that it assumes that you already have Mac OS X installed so that you could simply run the installer. Fortunately, I do, but what would those without an existing installation of Mac OS X do?

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