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Get this game done by pledging a minimum of £1 or more (recommended) to get the necessary funds for the game.

hurry up. time is running out for this project. it will end on 4th January 2013 and if it will not get the funds in time.....

mmmmmmmmmmmm i don't want to think about that. i waited for this game over 15 years...


CMON GUYS!!!!!!! :)

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Still online?



pledged of £1,250,000 goal



I'm going to be rich also.

My idea is to create a game, wait for the launch about 6 moths, people should donate first. When the release is due, the can register, log in, click on banners, select only 1 option, "Crimes", which will also have one option, "Yes i want to rank". Need to include some ****captcha, just to annoy my players.


But honestly, this was not a serious post right?

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